Screen Slate

Winner – 2022 Film Heritage Award, National Society of Film Critics [Awarded in 2023]

Screen Slate is a guide to the film scene in New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond. It shares daily listings of arthouse/repertory cinema and gallery shows happening in NYC/SF and publishes original daily cultural criticism, zines, and podcasts.



Screen Slate is also an IRL curatorial and publishing platform. Many of its series take place at Anthology Film Archives, including 1995: The Year the Internet Broke, This Is Mini DV (On 35mm), and The Medium is the Massacre. These often take a conceptual approach, foregrounding the medium of presentation and pairing genre films with artists’, avant-garde, and experimental works. Screen Slate usually also publishes zines to go along with them.



During COVID, Screen Slate pivoted to “Stream Slate” mode, continuing to publish daily email dispatches including essays and recommendations based around streaming culture and online events. It also launched a biweekly streaming series on Twitch featuring collaborations with artists and organizations such as Ken Jacobs, Smithsonian NMAAHC, Cory Arcangel, Collaborative Cataloging Japan, Canyon Cinema, and many others. (You can read an essay about the switch on Rhizome.)

Screen Slate launched early February 2011. As of 2023, 11,000+ subscribers also receive Screen Slate’s listings each morning as a daily email.

Some comments

“When I die I want to go to Screen Slate. But, like Susan Hayward, I want to live… and still get Screen Slate delivered every morning, which, amazingly, I do. It’s not only stone informative, but consoling and inspiring, and makes you think there’s hope for New York.”
Richard Hell

“The only website that actually gives me pleasure in checking daily.”
Nick Pinkerton, Artforum, August 2017

“My favourite thing in NYC.”
Diana Hamilton, Frieze, March 2020

“An indelible resource for New York City cinephiles.”
Carolyn Lazard, The Brooklyn Rail, June 2015

“Astounding… It’s really helpful and a must for New Yorkers, obviously. Your very wide definition of what counts as ‘cinema’ can only help cross-fertilize the activities of media artists of all sorts, and their audiences will follow.”
David Bordwell, co-author of Film Art

“[Nonprofit cinemas] all are acutely aware of existing within a larger and growing ecosystem that often thrives on collaboration. … Websites like Screen Slate offer comprehensive guides.”
Dennis LimThe New York Times, September 2011

“If you’re an avid filmgoer, Screen Slate is your lifeline.”
Filmmaker Magazine

Vanity Fair, March 2020
MUBI, April 2015

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